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By joining PfizerLink, you’ll have opportunities to help advance medical research for yourself and your community.

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your health information

Sign in to our secure portal to share some details about yourself and your medical areas of interest.


with a Pfizer clinical trial

We’ll check the information you provide against available Pfizer clinical trials — now and over time — to see if there’s one that may be right for you.


to a local study team

If a clinical trial seems like a potential match, a PfizerLink Navigator will contact you to discuss the details. If you’re interested and the study still seems like a good fit, they’ll connect you to a study doctor in your area.

Pfizer clinical trials and research

By participating in clinical research, you’re helping make the next breakthrough — for you, for all.

If you’re interested in participating in a Pfizer clinical trial, join PfizerLink and we’ll check your information against our available ongoing studies. There may be more opportunities for you to consider as we expand PfizerLink and add new studies.

You can also contribute to research simply by answering some questions about yourself and your health through PfizerLink. These learnings may help make future scientific discoveries and medical advances possible.

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Pfizer clinical trials and research

Pfizer clinical trials and research

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