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PfizerLink is what’s known as a research registry.
By joining PfizerLink, you’ll have opportunities to help advance medical research for yourself and your community.


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Get involved in clinical research
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Pfizer clinical trials
and research

Pfizer clinical trials have led to the development of life-changing new medicines in a range of therapeutic areas. Whether you have a specific condition or have a general interest in learning more about clinical trials we may conduct, we invite you to explore current research available.

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Pfizer clinical trials
and research

Pfizer clinical trials and research

Why join PfizerLink?

Today, more than 100,000 people around the world, with and without medical conditions, are taking part in Pfizer clinical trials. When you volunteer, you help advance medical research for people like you.

If you’re interested in participating in a Pfizer clinical trial, join PfizerLink and we’ll check your information against our available ongoing studies.

When you join PfizerLink, you can also contribute to research simply by answering some questions about yourself and your health. The information you provide may help make future scientific discoveries and medical advances possible.

We’re currently connecting PfizerLink participants to available Pfizer clinical trials being conducted across the United States. By enrolling in PfizerLink today, you can potentially be connected to Pfizer clinical trials that may interest you in your area.

Why join PfizerLink?

Pfizer clinical trials and research